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Scala Computing’s experience led them to create the Scala Compute Platform (SCP). SCP allows users to securely deploy applications on the Cloud that need scalability and performance without the complexity of provisioning, orchestrating, and managing those resources.

Secure, Scalable, Peformant

By creating a flexible and dynamic platform, Scala Computing can address the challenges in moving key applications to the Cloud. In addition to our technology, we have domain expertise to optimize the workflow and processing for a variety of application types. Lastly, we have the support infrastructure to handle individual users up to the largest hyperscalers, enterprises, and research institutions.

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Scala Computing provides users across industries with simplified, on-demand access to the high-performance computing infrastructure they need to run their mission critical applications.




Scala Computing provides multiple levels of support, to provide you the choice to have basic support up to 24/7/365.


Scala Computing provids a comprehensive offering of standard, , extended and 24/7 support service, or can create a customized support service for your specific needs. We provide the ability to contact us how you want, via phone, email, or our customer support portal.

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Scala Computing has deep expertise in a variety of domains to help you
optimize your move to the Cloud.   We can work with you on the
development of applications, or you can outsource the entirety of the
project to Scala Computing.

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Benefits of Scala Computing Platform (SCP)

case studies

Stony Brook University

Scientists and researchers at Stony Brook University use the Scala Compute Platform to perform large scale blood platelet modeling in research efforts to help prevent heart attacks in addition to the Living Heart Project to determine how certain medical devices affect the heart during use. With the Scala Compute Platform, Stony Brook has been able to supplement their supercomputer compute capabilities and take advantage of Scala Computing’s zero queue time and hyper-scalable cloud resources allowing them to run some of their models faster, substantially increase the scale and frequency of their runs yielding faster innovation results.

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