Virtual Topology Imposition (VTI)

Any high performance computing (HPC) environment that supports multiple users and different workloads will be inherently general purpose, but HPC applications are typically meant for specialized compute environments. One of the primary ways in which HPC workloads can benefit from a specialized compute environment is to have the right workload-topology fit. In other words, certain workloads map better to certain interconnect topologies. By ensuring that a workload is run on its optimal interconnect topology, we can reduce network latency by a substantial margin.

Scala Virtual Topology Imposition (VTI) analyzes a given workload and identifies its best-fit interconnect. After doing so, it analyzes the compute environment and assigns the ideal cluster of requisite size to ensure that the workload receives a hyper-optimized low latency environment for execution. Scala VTI Software allows HPC infrastructure providers in private cloud, public cloud, or bare-metal environments to serve their users as though their infrastructure is tailor-made for users’ applications.