Scala Compute Platform

Today’s modern companies are driven by increasingly compute-intensive applications that power mission-critical processes, from a business decision and innovation enablement to product design and development. But maintaining and operating the on-premise high-performance computing infrastructure these applications demand can prove extremely costly, resource-intensive, and capital inefficient for many companies.

Secure, Hyper-scalable, High-Performance Computing on the Cloud

The Scala Compute Platform is an end-to-end, secure and hyper-scalable high-performance computing (HPC) platform that enables enterprises of all sizes to leverage the power of Big Compute on-demand, on the cloud. We remove the cost and complexity of managing specialized computing infrastructure, enabling our clients to focus on their applications, not their compute requirements.

Leverage breakthroughs in Parallel Computing, Big Data, Machine Learning and AI with little to no configuration

Reduce capital and maintenance costs of supporting and operating on-site high performance compute clusters

Eliminate time spent on configuring and managing on-site or cloud-based resources with our fully automated orchestration approach

Gain access to massively scalable hardware with dynamic provisioning based on your demand cycles

Platform Overview

Our proprietary multi-data center platform allows users to dynamically spin up computing resources optimized for their applications while automating the migration, deployment, submission, and management of HPC jobs in cloud environments with our auto-configuration capabilities.


Pre-integrated software applications

In addition to allowing a user to upload their own custom software applications, the Scala Compute Platform provides instant access to a growing suite of off-the-shelf applications that have been pre-configured with optimal hardware pairings to deliver hyper-scalability, efficiency and performance needed for your HPC jobs.

Integrated with a growing suite of leading open-source and commercial applications


Scala Computing delivers a universal platform for all things Big Compute, giving engineers and researchers the keys to a secure on-demand, and hyper-scalable cloud-based supercomputer that tailors itself to their mission critical applications and objectives.

Automated Optimization

Hyper-scalable compute power automatically optimized for your applications

Low-cost, High Performance

Only pay for what you use and capture massive savings with a flexible OpEx model for your compute requirements

Streamlined and Automated

Eliminate time, effort and resources wasted managing complicated software and infrastructure with our no-DevOps approach

Rapid Time to Results

Get up running in minutes with automated migration and deployment to the cloud and zero queue times across all HPC jobs