Network Simulation

Scala Compute Platform for Network Simulations (SCP for ns-3)

Scala Computing provides a first-of-its-kind solution to run discrete event-driven ns-3 network simulation for datacenter operators and networking equipment manufacturers with a simplified, on-demand access to scalable, secure compute clusters in the cloud.

Our scalable and performant cloud-based solution may allow users to scale simulations by a factor of 1000 while improving simulation performance by a factor of 10. Evaluate traffic and performance on varying workloads to tune your networking queuing models.


ns-3,, is a discrete-event network simulator for Internet systems.


SCP for ns-3 architecture

The Scala Compute Platform (SCP) provides a secure infrastructure for the orchestration, provisioning, and deployment of public cloud resources.

As the network becomes more complex, the need for in-silica testing and simulation is becoming a critical tool to validate network design and performance. SCP for ns-3 allows for Data Center Scale simulation in Cloud from 10s to 100s of thousands of endpoints. Additionally, the intuitive workbench provides an easy to use interface for creating your ns-3 network simulations. You can build your infrastructure on validated components from the Multi-Party Data Center Simulator Platform (MDSP) Consortium.

Key Benefits of SCP for ns-3

Pre-Processing Engine

Ability to modify networking equipment, topologies, applications and stack parameters in an easy-to-use web-based UI. Users can validate their topology setup to determine faulty configurations before wasting precious compute cycles and development time. In addition, Scala can determine your infrastructure bandwidth through each stage of your switching topology before running a simulation.

Post-Processing (Data Analytics) Engine

It is not necessary to wait till your simulation completes before understanding some of the results. Scala has provided an engine which crunches 10s to 100s of Gigabytes of data in real-time and provides useful graphs to determine latency, goodput, simulation execution timing, capabilities to compare one simulation run to a baseline or multiple simulations with different input parameters for understanding the knee of the curve where the simulation performance is no longer acceptable to the users on the network.


Scala has enhanced the simulation performance with new software modules which have shown reduced runtimes from weeks to days, and days to hours.

Ease of Use to set up Simulations

Validation of Infrastructure Components

Performance Metrics and Comparisons

“We are pleased to have Scala Computing join OCP given their strength in hyperscale simulations built on the Open Source ns-3 discrete-event network simulator for Internet systems. They will be a valuable member of the Networking Project for our community.”

— Rocky Bulluck
CEO, OCP Foundation