Job Scheduler Module (JSM)

Scala JSM utilizes spectral graph theory and proprietary heuristics developed in-house to optimize the distribution of workloads within dynamic computing environments of large-scale parallel systems. This significantly decreases time-to-results and increases aggregate machine performance.

Scala JSM has been tested across public and private clouds and bare metal environments and has consistently shown network latency decreases of over 60%.

Public Clouds

AWS, Azure, and other public clouds provide highly scalable infrastructures; however any cluster you spin up can benefit greatly from Scala.
By improving the performance of your cloud-based apps, we can help to lower your infrastructure costs.

Private Clouds

If you are running a private cloud, Scala JSM can substantially increase the performance of your environment. We won’t just increase speed, we’ll enable you to run new classes of workloads, and reduce maintenance costs. Also, this isn’t our only offering to help you optimize your environment. Contact us to learn how we can help boost the performance of your Private Cloud by optimizing the allocation of your VMs to your hardware.

Bare Metal

If you’ve made an investment in your own hardware, run Scala JSM to get results faster, run larger loads, or both. But the benefits of JSM don’t stop there; we can help you reduce runtime failures, increase aggregate compute capacity, and lower costs.