Typically, organizations leveraging HPC have two environments running in parallel: one for running their HPC workloads, and another for their standard IT infrastructure. With HPC MaaS, Scala lets organizations put HPC to work within one unified environment, simplifying IT environments and reducing costs by a substantial margin.

Scala HPC MaaS is a solution deployed in datacenters that automates the provisioning of bare-metal and hypervisor nodes within a single compute environment in order to optimize said environment for incoming workloads. HPC MaaS offers “single-click” deployments of HPC-optimized clusters within an organization’s legacy datacenters, custom tailored for complex simulations and models that wouldn’t otherwise be fit to run on said environments.

HPC MaaS is ideal for any enterprise / organization that wishes to consolidate and streamline their HPC and traditional IT infrastructure into one, single environment, reducing capital requirements for HPC, operational expenses (e.g. cooling), reducing the number of technical personnel, and eliminating the need to invest in HPC-specific resources.