Engineering & Product Development

Scala Computing Platform for Electronic Design Automation (SCP for EDA)

We provide an orchestrated cloud environment that is performance optimized for EDA software. Our platform makes it easier for engineers and designers to collaborate and use their EDA tools and licenses more effectively and efficiently so they can get to market faster.  

Remote teams and joint development partners can collaborate on the same files and software versions and without file transfer headaches and delays

We take care of the complex details so your designers can focus on innovation with minimal instruction, overhead or IT support

Optimized for Schematic Capture, PCB Design and Signal Integrity on the AWS Cloud, so performance is never compromised

Product Engineering
on the Scala
Compute Platform

We make it easier for management to build teams across the organization and with joint development partners.  Managers can manage access, track progress with logs and notifications, predict and reduce costs, review designs with partners and always retain ownership of the IP.  And all without any burdens on IT, no capital expenditures for hardware, etc.

  • The platform supports your custom software environment
    • Software by Cadence, Synopsys, Mentor, Ansoft, etc.
  • Secure backed-up storage for the EDA files, along with rolling snapshots, archiving and disaster recovery

A flexible platform for your installed software environment built on performant EDA optimized cloud hardware, maintained and upgraded by AWS

All the well known cloud savings and advantages, without the hidden and variable costs of orchestrating it yourself.

Intuitive management tools for secure access, building and managing teams, tracking progress and optimizing usage

Accelerated innovation and time-to-market