We are a group of graph theory nerds, applied mathematicians, and computer scientists who have a number of years of experience in high performance computing, and, more specifically, designing more efficient parallel computing interconnection network topologies. Collectively, we hold several patents, have published numerous papers in renowned journals, and have received several prestigious awards and grants for research in High Performance Computing. These include awards from the U.S. DOE, NSF, NIH, ARO, NYS, China’s Ministry of Science, HPC2, Siemens, Oracle, and Intel, amongst others.


Arjun Kapoor, CEO and Founder

Arjun has served as CEO of Scala Computing since he founded the company in 2016. Prior to founding Scala, Arjun conducted research in the field of High Performance Computing (HPC) for a number of years. Notably, Arjun led teams at Brookhaven National Labs, Stony Brook University, and Sun Yat Sen University in creating optimal supercomputer network topologies reaching a 51% improvement over the industry standard, directly contributing to the allocation of a multimillion dollar grant and partnership with ASUS - a multibillion dollar enterprise. Additionally, under Arjun’s lead, the research received significant awards from organizations including Siemens, Intel, and Oracle, and was funded by organizations including the NSF, DOE, ARO, and China’s Ministry of Science. In addition to his work in the HPC field, Arjun has spent time in investment banking in the TMT group Avendus Capital, a KKR owned investment bank.

Arjun studied Computational and Applied Mathematics and Economics at The University of Chicago, where he was a Stamps Scholar. Arjun has also received the US Congressional Award Gold Medal.

Pavel Margolin, CTO

Pavel is serving as Scala Computing’s Chief Technology Officer and is responsible for leading the company’s engineering team and technical vision. Most recently, Pavel served as Sr. Director of Engineering at Jet.com (acquired by Walmart for $3.3Bn), where he was one of the original engineering hires. In his role at Jet.com, he was tasked with hiring and scaling most of the early engineering team, in addition to architecting and building-out key components of Jet’s cloud based infrastructure and back-end technology. Prior to Jet, Pavel spent time in cybersecurity at the NSA (National Security Agency), FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), and the United States Army. Pavel has also worked in finance as a Quantitative Strategist at Blue Mountain Capital and QVT Financial.

Rob Zecha, COO

Rob joined Scala in 2017 to serve as Chief Operating Officer, contributing to all aspects of the business including sales, product strategy, management, and hiring, amongst others. Previously, Rob founded and served as president of Netvision, a VC-backed enterprise technology company, where he lead the development of the world’s first non-blocking stackable Gigabit Ethernet switch. Netvision was acquired by Network Peripherals (NPI) in 1997. Post-merger, Rob served as a corporate officer and EVP of Global Engineering at NPI, where he, along with the CEO, successfully raised $175Mn in capital. After leading NPI for ~4 years, NPI underwent a reverse-merger with Falconstor Software (NYSE: FALC). Rob stayed at Falconstor for a period of 1 year, before starting Afides, another VC-backed enterprise software start-up, serving in multiple corporate officer roles at SMSC, a $400mn semiconductor company where he ran a $75mn division, and working as VP of Operations and Engineering at Altior, which was later acquired by Exar Corporation. In 2013, Rob was brought back to Falconstor by the largest investor at the time, where he served as EVP and Chief Product Officer for 3 years.

Sam Rahman, Head of Engineering

Sam is Head of Engineering at Scala Computing. In this role, Sam has been driving many of the engineering efforts at Scala and spearheading the development of the core platform. Prior to joining Scala, Sam has served of CTO and Co-founder of DidItLabs, a VC backed startup specializing in NLP for location services. At DidIt, Sam raised $2.5Mn in Seed round financing from VCs in addition to leading all engineering and product development efforts within the organization. Prior to starting DidIt, Sam started and sold another early-stage software start-up and served as the Head of Mobile and Connected Devices at BamTech (acquired by Disney for $1.6Bn) where he developed the AtBat app, one of the first applications on the Apple app store and, till this day, one of the most popular iPhone applications of all time.


David Miller

David co-founded and ran product and strategy for AvidXchange, the leading corporate payments company for the Mid-market. He is now an active advisor, mentor, and Board member for early stage software companies.

Dr. Satya Sharma

Dr. Satya Sharma is the President and CEO of Zortag Inc. He is also the Executive Director of the Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology (CEWIT) and a Professor at Stony Brook University. Dr. Sharma was previously Senior Vice President at Symbol Technologies (now part of Motorola) from 1995 to 2003, overseeing various divisions of the company including World-Wide Operations, Mobile Computing & Wireless Engineering, and Quality & Process Improvements. During Dr. Sharmas tenure at Symbol, the revenue increased from $450 Million to more than $1.6 Billion. While leading Symbols Mobile Computing & Wireless Engineering, the company won the National Medal of Technology in 2000, the highest technology award given by the US Government. Symbol was only the third electronics company to win this coveted award in addition to IBM and Bell Labs. He also led Symbol to win the Shingo Prize for Excellence in Manufacturing in 2003 and established Symbols software center in India and its manufacturing facility in Mexico and oversaw its operations in US, Mexico, Singapore, Japan, China and India. Prior to his tenure at Symbol, he was Director at Bell Labs and at AT&T Power Systems. He led Lucent Technologies to win the Deming Prize, considered the Noble Prize in Management in 1994, making it the first and still the only American manufacturing company to have this honor. Dr. Sharma also led Lucent to win the Shingo Prize for Excellence in Manufacturing in 1992. Under Dr. Sharmas leadership, Lucent also won US Senate productivity Award and the Environmental Excellence Award from US President George Bush. In 2009-2010, Dr. Sharma was advisor to the Chairman and CEO of Bilcare Technologies headquartered in India and with operations in Singapore, USA and Europe. Bilcare Technologies is a leading enterprise engaged in preventing counterfeiting worldwide. He was also the Chief Operating Officer of RF Technologies, Milwaukee, Wis in 2006 and has been a consultant to a dozen startup and small and medium size companies worldwide. Dr. Sharma has managed technology, led product development, managed marketing and financial functions, led manufacturing and logistics operations, set strategies and has created great organizations with innovative cultures. Dr. Sharma has written more than 70 technical publications, has received several patents and is an expert in a wide variety of disciplines including wireless and mobile computing, quality management, materials science, manufacturing, and information technology. He holds a Ph.D. degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA degree from the Ohio State University.

Dr. Yuefan Deng

Yuefan Deng entered Columbia University in 1983, after graduating from Nankai University with honors, through a special scholarship program CUSPEA organized by the Chinese-American Nobel laureate Professor T. D. Lee. His Ph.D. thesis on simulating gauge theory with supercomputers, completed in 1989, was supervised by Professor Norman Christ. After a brief stay at NYU’s Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences as Professor James Glimm’s postdoctoral fellow, he joined the faculty of Stony Brook University where he was promoted to full professor of applied mathematics in 1999. As visiting or adjunct professor, Dr. Deng worked at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (1.5 years), the IBM T. J. Watson Research Lab (1.0 year) where he joined the group of Deep Blue, Columbia University (1.0 year), Nanyang Technological University (0.5 years), University of Singapore National University of Singapore (1.0 year), and the Singapore’s Agency of Science, Technology and Research (1.0 year). Dr. Deng has published more than 100 papers in physics, applied mathematics, biomedical engineering, and biosciences plus three books: one on ODEs, one on PDEs, and another on parallel computing. He holds 13 patents in China or US or both. He has supervised and is supervising 30 doctoral students and has taught 10,000 undergraduate students. He is the recipient of the State University of New York Chancellor’s Award of Excellence in Teaching (2016) and the Stony Brook University’s CEAS Dean’s Award of Excellence in Teaching (2016). His research is supported by the US DOE, NIH, NSF, New York State, and ARO, as well as China’s Ministry of Science and Technology.