Scala Computing has developed a novel and powerful HPC cloud simulation platform, Scala ClearSubmit. Scala ClearSubmit is a comprehensive solution that simplifies the migration, deployment, submission, and management of HPC jobs in cloud environments. Our proprietary multi-datacenter platform allows users to upload and run any HPC job on thousands of instances at scale in a matter of minutes, all on an application’s optimal compute environment. It can also be used to deploy on-demand datacenters and private clouds or to rapidly expand existing resources by creating on-demand hybrid clouds. When coupled with Scala Computing’s proprietary job scheduling enhancements, ClearSubmit becomes an invaluable tool for leveraging HPC in the cloud.

ClearSubmit consists of the following:

  • Front end interface, web portal, and CLI where users of ClearSubmit™ can save and upload software / applications as well as run and monitor jobs.
  • Auto-configuration and management bots to analyze a workload and handle the administrative burden of spinning-up a relevant compute environment.
  • Scala Computing’s proprietary, multi-datacenter job scheduler, Oasis. Oasis is a proprietary job scheduler that leverages cutting-edge neural-net technology to optimally automate and manage job submission across multiple data centers.
  • A back-end infrastructure integrated with large cloud providers such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Compute Cloud as well as smaller, more specialized data centers who participate in our partner program. This guarantees that you’ll always have available hardware resources, regardless of the size of your job.